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Lamps (Akari) and Japanese Paper(Washi) & Craft Shop of artists

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Japanese paper
Lamps with cloth

Welcome to Mori no Akari meaning Lights in the forest.  Mori no Akari makes original Japanese paper tapestries and Lamps.

Mori no Akari is a craft shop, too. There are various hand-made crafts, which are made by artists.
Something you would like to have always with you.
Something makes you satisfied & happy.

■ Craft at Mori no Akari

tapestries ささきようこ 陶人形 2016 木の器とスプーン

《 About craft shop》


■ Japanese paper tapestries to order
We make Japanese Paper 'Washi' using traditional material 'kouzo'.
We make paper screens, partitons, paper tapestries, mats, and table runners with Japanese paper called washi.
We make washi with any size you like.
Floor lamps with japanese paper

■ Lamps with Japanese paper to order
With our washi, we make Akari (lamps) in various styles. We make tables lamps, floor lamps, brackets, and pendants.
The light of the lamps through Japanese paper (washi) is mild, natural, adequately bright, yet gentle to your eyes. You can relax and feel at home.

Washi (Japanese paper ) and our lamps will create a gentle and comfortable atmosphere around you.
Washi, as you may know, is quite strong and provides a soft touch to your life.

Morino Akari is located in a beautiful mountain area called Yatsugatake(Yamanashi, Hokuto-city). Welcome to our shop, about 2hours by car from Tokyo. Available in English.

If you would like to order , please give us an Email

Please visit the TOP page, and my blog , although these descriptions are in Japanese.

Thank you (ARIGATOU) in advance.

Morio no Akari Washi & Lamps Studio & Craft Shop
8240-838 Nishiide, Ouizumi , Hokuto city, Yamanashi, Japan
Fax: 81- 0551-38-0248
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(English is available)
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