Mori no Akari  Japanese Paper Studio since 1991

Welcome to Mori no Akari.  Mori no Akari produces interia goods made with the original Japanese paper called “WASHI” .

WASHI is something makes you  happy & comfortable.


■ Japanese paper Tapestries

With our original Japanese Paper ‘Washi’ , we make screens, partitions, paper tapestries, mats, and table runners and various size of washi paper which you can use asa you like.

Our japanese paper (Washi) is made of traditional paper material ‘kouzo.

We produce  paper  according to your order.


■ Lamps with Japanese paper
With washi, we make Akari (lamps) , tables lamps, floor lamps, brackets, and pendants.
The light of the lamps through Japanese paper (washi) is mild, natural, adequately bright, yet gentle to your eyes. You can always relax and feel at home.
Our lamps are for domestic use only.

Washi (Japanese paper ) and our lamps will create a gentle and comfortable atmosphere around you.
Washi is quite strong and provides a soft touch to your life.

Morino Akari is located in Bizen city, Okayama prefecture. Bizen city is a hometown of famous Bizen pottery.

In case you would like to order, please contact us with  Email.
Available in English.

Thank you (ARIGATOU) !

Morio no Akari Washi Studio
1176 Minamigata Yoshinaga-cyo, Bizen city, Okayama pref., Japan、709-0223
(English is available)

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